International Truck Prix set for full-throttle Donington Park debut

If five British Truck Racing Championship races don’t satisfy your appetite at Donington Park this weekend (August 12/13) then don’t fear as a further four titanic truck contests are set to take centre stage across Saturday and Sunday courtesy of the inaugural International Truck Prix.

Making its eagerly-anticipated debut at Convoy in the Park, the four-race series – which is sponsored by Northside Truck & Van, GB Tyres, JK Tyre and HGV Direct – is poised to be the cherry on top of what promises to be a captivating weekend of track action.

Open to both British and International competitors, the International Truck Prix will see an impressive grid of truck racing stars descend on Leicestershire to battle it out for the ultimate bragging rights.

Headlining the entry list is Isle of Man TT legend John McGuinness MBE, who is swapping out his leathers and bike for something more super-sized as he makes his truck racing debut in a Team Oliver Racing-run Scania.

Renowned for his astounding accomplishments on two wheels, the 51-year-old – who has four-wheel experience in the Fun Cup and Ginetta GT Academy – is set to take on a brand-new challenge as he gets behind the wheel of a five tonne, 1000bhp monstrous machine.

Joining McGuinness on the entry list are a number of drivers that have previously cut their teeth competing in the British Truck Racing Championship.

John Newell and Mark Taylor – who now compete in the Goodyear FIA European Truck Racing Championship – were stalwarts of the BTRC up until the end of last year are set to make a triumphant return in front of their home crowd.

Three-time BTRC Division 2 champion Luke Garrett is another leading name that will prove popular as he lines up in a brand-new MAN. Garrett had originally been set to compete in Division 1 this year however things sadly never came together in time.

Garrett’s first appearance of the year will undoubtedly bring with it a number of familiarities though, not least Brad Smith, who ran him close for the title last year. Smith will be back behind the wheel of his trusty DAF CF under the flight path of East Midlands airport.

Jamie Anderson, Martin Gibson, Terry Gibbon and Ray Coleman are four more drivers that have a storied history of competing on British shores and each of them have since gone on to enjoy success elsewhere.

Don’t forget John Bowler either; he’ll be on double duty this weekend as he competes across both the International Truck Prix and the BTRC – where he was a winner in Division 1 for the very first time last month.

He – along with former Division 2 champion Mika Makinen and seasoned racer Willem Breedijk – will complete the line-up for the first-ever International Truck Prix; and take it from us when we say it’s not worth missing.

Convoy in the Park – Timetable & Live Stream Information

Saturday 12th August
09:10 – Practice
11:40 – Qualifying
14:10 – Race 1
17:40 – Race 2

Sunday 13th August
09:10 – Warm Up
11:55 – Qualifying
15:15 – Race 1
17:50 – Race 2

All races will be streamed online for free via the British Truck Racing Championship’s YouTube channel, with Saturday’s broadcast beginning at 12:20 and Sunday’s at 09:50.

Tickets for the 2023 edition of Convoy in the Park are currently available to purchase from

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