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Truck Sport UK are appointed by the British Automobile Racing Club (BARC) to be the promoter of the British Truck Racing Championship for 2024.

 Truck Sport works alongside the BARC to jointly take care of the promotion and media coverage of this exciting Championship. With people from all areas of our industry coming to the truck racing events each year, we are the only recognised British truck racing series.

Unlike other exhibitions, truck racing approaches truckers, fleet owners, manufacturers, and decision makers in the same interactive way.

One of the UK and Ireland’s most established fuel card and fleet management providers, Silvey Fleet helps customers reduce costs and achieve greater efficiency from their fleets. The company offers EV charging and Renewable Diesel (HVO) via its fuel card networks, as well as carbon offsetting, to help customers reduce CO2 emissions and improve sustainability.

Find out more about Silvey Fleet by visiting their website.

BWOC isn't just your nationwide bulk fuel supplier. Together with our partners, we prioritise environmental stewardship, offering Renewable Diesel deliveries and Carbon Neutral fuel to our customers. As RFAS members, we're a verified Renewable Diesel supplier, ensuring transparency throughout the supply chain.

Find out more about BWOC by visiting their website.

Despite being a relatively new business within the camera and telematic marketplace, Transport Monitoring Solutions boasts more than four decades of industry experience virtue of its three Directors, with its core product being its soft-ware.The aforementioned software can receive data from over 150 different connected camera systems, telemat-ics devices and asset tracking solutions, allowing multiple types of systems to report to a single IOT soft-ware platform.

Find out more about TMS by visiting their website.

MV Commercial - which is headed up by competitor Tom O'Rourke - is a leading supplier of new and used trucks for sale in the UK. They offer a wide variety of services from ready to go trucks and bespoke vehicle design to full inspections and services and dedicated maintenance support.

Find out more about MV Commercial by visiting their website.

Ranked among some of the top tyre companies – in terms of both size and revenue – Giti Tire offers a complete range of quality tires to over 130 countries around the world and is the series' official tyre provider. For 2023, Giti will provide all Division 1 and Division 2 competitors with the Giti Race-Tuned V1 global competition truck compound in sizes 315/70R22.5 at all events.

Find out more about Giti Tires by visiting their website.

TRP is the largest range of all makes, trailer parts and light commercial vehicle parts in the UK, distributed throughout the long established DAF Dealer Network at over 140 locations across the UK and Ireland.  This year we are celebrating 30 years of TRP and we have grown considerably in that time!  With over 100,000 parts in range covering all makes truck and LCV, trailer, braking systems, chassis and body components, lubricants and consumables ….. together with our convenient Webshop, TRP really does have everything you need to keep your fleet moving!

TotalKare specialises in vehicle lifts and testing equipment for heavy duty and light commercial vehicle workshops across multiple industries. With a customer base that ranges from small businesses to multi-national transport operators, the company is now jumps into motorsport by providing trackside equipment at all events.

Find out more about TotalKare by visiting their website.

Fruehauf is the UK’s leading manufacturer of rigid and tipping trailers. Widely acknowledged for their precision engineering, the company has 90% of the market share for tipper and planked trailers and is key part of the supply chain to the UK’s construction and transport industries.

Find out more about Fruehauf by visiting their website.

Road Transport Media is the go-to place for all the latest news, features, interviews and videos from every part of the trucking industry. Aligning itself with the BTRC until at least the end of the 2024 season, fans will see coverage in publications such as Truck & Driver, Commercial Motor, Transport News and Motor Transport.

Find out more about Road Transport Media by visiting their website.

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