Cole Trucksport outlines expansion plans for 2024 season

Cole Trucksport have revealed its plans to expand its operation in the British Truck Racing Championship, with the aim of entering Simon Cole’s son, Archie, for the 2024 season.

Having been a mainstay in one of the UK’s premier motorsport categories, Cole Trucksport have acquired the ex-Paddy Mac Volvo with the aim of entering it next year.

This year has so far been a character building campaign for the Kent outfit, however a recent switch to Division 2 brought with it silverware last time out at Donington Park.

With renewed optimism though, the team are already laying the foundations for next season and are hopeful of securing a second spot on the grid for 2024.

In a statement on social media, the team said: “They do say go big or go home and Archie has certainly done that! We can confirm the rumours are true…

“CTS #41 Racing expand into a 2 truck team for 2024. Archie, son of Simon who started his racing career in the fiesta junior championship and recently stepping up into adult endurance racing will join the BTRC on the grid aiming for 2024 in the Ex Paddy Mac Volvo.

“Keep up to date with all things CTS via our social media channels. There’s lots to be done here.
And yes we are just as excited as you are.”

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