BTRC commits to more sustainable fuel for 2023 and beyond

The British Truck Racing Championship has today (April 4) announced its commitment to using a more sustainable fuel from the 2023 season onwards.

In the first major step on its road to greater sustainability, the championship has partnered with the UK’s leading provider of high-performance Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) fuel, Green Biofuels (GBF); every driver is set to be provided with the fuel at each round.

Offering a simple, and more importantly, clean alternative to diesel, GBF’s advanced Gd+ fuel – which will be used by all competitors in the BTRC – is made from 100% waste-derived cooking oils and fats and supercharged with an engine-enhancing additive. No virgin crops are required for the production of Gd+ and it also has no impact on land use.

Designed as a straightforward diesel replacement, Gd+ is the least carbon-emitting diesel replacement fuel available in the UK, saving 2.82kg or 90% CO2e per litre. Gd+ can be used in existing diesel engines without upgrading machinery. Last year alone, GBF’s customers saved more than 480,000 metric tonnes of CO2e by switching to Gd+.

This new relationship with the BTRC is the latest in a long line of partnerships for GBF which already supplies its clean, advanced HVO fuel to the likes of DPD, Coca Cola, Skansa, and Freightliner, among others. 

William Tebbit, GBF CEO, said: “To sustainably power engines producing in excess of 1000 bhp you need the best-performing diesel replacement fuel in the UK, which makes Gd+ a natural choice for the BTRC. 

“Our Gd+ provides a clean, direct drop-in alternative fuel for standard diesel engines – no costly upgrades or new machinery required. HVO fuels like Gd+ are already helping to reduce CO2e emissions across a wide range of industries including, construction, haulage and freight, shipping, and agriculture.”

“This is not only a big announcement for the sport but also the industry as a whole too,” added Steve Thomas, Truck Sport UK Director. “As one of the premier motorsport series in the UK it is only right that we stand up and make an impact in the correct way. 

“Carving out a sustainable pathway is pivotal for the future of the sport and I’m delighted that we are able to introduce a new cleaner fuel from this season onwards. This is just the first step in our sustainability plans and we’re looking forward to growing this relationship over the coming years.”

To find out more information about GBF, visit 

The 2023 British Truck Racing Championship commences at Brands Hatch on April 8/9, before embarking on a further six events and 30 races at some of the country’s leading venues. 

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